Mengajar anak anda membaca adalah suatu proses yang perlu dimulakan sejak mereka di dalam buaian lagi. Ini tidak bermaksud mengajar bayi anda yang belum pun tumbuh gigi mengenal ABC.

Aktiviti membaca untuk bayi anda bukan sahaja sebagai peluang untuk mengeratkan hubungan antara anda dan bayi, bahkan dapat menanam rasa cinta mereka kepada buku. Seperti yang dilakukan oleh Angkasawan Negara, Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor dengan cahaya mata kembarnya yang kini baru berusia 4 bulan.

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Video – Word Flashcards At 4 months of age we have changed the flashcards from black&white dots and numbers into large red words . We do them in various topics like countries , flags , mammals etc but this week I have chose colours for the boys . The idea is not for the babies to understand the words but rather to imprint them in their memory which will help them to identify the words at a later stage . We practice these techniques to the girls and Bella started reading at the age of 3 and Tasha 3.5 years old which we are happy …. I do the flashcards quite fast due to their short attention span but what’s important is the boys are able to focus and excited on seeing the flashcards . Do these twice a day for a week and change topics weekly as babies get bored very fast . Have A Great Week Everyone … 😁

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Dalam usia 4 bulan, Sheikh Muszaphar sudah memberi pendedahan mengenal huruf. Namun beliau menegaskan, idea ini bukanlah untuk bayi memahami perkataan tetapi untuk membantu ingatan bayimengenal pasti kata-kata yang ditunjukkan.


“Idea ini bukanlah untuk bayi memahami perkataan tetapi sebaliknya baik untuk ingatan bagi membantu mereka untuk mengenal pasti perkataan di peringkat seterusnya.”

Sheikh Muszaphar turut akui anak perempuannya yang lain sudah pandai membaca seawal 3 tahun dengan menggunakan teknik ini.

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Pic – The twins at 4 months . Adam & Noah are now at an age where they just want to move around instead of just lying down like an upside- down turtle . Their eyes keep on studying their surrounding , more alert , their legs kicking excessively , responding with a big smile when their names are being called including face recognition and wanting to grab things , crawling up to one feet and roll over which are signs of good development … Alhamdulillah … This is when life gets more interesting for us parents to double up our effort on them . By now we are starting to focus on … 1 . Words flashcards 2. Balancing movement 3. To be able to sit unsupported 4. Grip strengthening 5. More crawling time It’s fascinating to see the twins competing with each other as both develop at a different rate . The younger Noah ( by 2 minutes ) was the 1st to roll over but the older Adam not to be beaten was the 1st to be able to crawl up to 1 feet . Noah is still 200gm behind Adam but are catching up . Am glad both have the same length . Will try to post some videos on my upcoming posts for these next stage of development . Love As Always …. 😀

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“Kami mengamalkan teknik ini pada anak perempuan yang lain, Bella mula membaca pada usia 3 tahun dan Tasha berumur 3 tahun setengah”

Sheikh Muszapharmemilih nama yang cukup cantik kepada anak kembanya iaitu Sheikh Adam & Sheikh Noah yang lahir pada 27 Julai lalu.

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