Kerana Kenyataan Ini, Vivy Yusof Dianggap Majikan Yang Kejam!

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Tahniah buat usahawan selebriti terkenal, Datin Vivy Yusof yang disahkan hamil anak ketiganya. Khabar gembira itu dikongsikannya di Instagram baru-baru ini.

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Malah pengasas Fashion Valet itu turut berkongsi pengalaman hamilnya di sebuah akhbar tempatan. Namun begitu, selepas tersiarnya keratan akhbar tersebut, Vivy mula dikecam hebat kerana kenyataannya di akhbar itu telah disalah erti.

Kami di fahamkan Vivy telah menyentuh sesuatu isu yang sensitif mengenai kehamilan dan turut menganggap alasan ‘mengandung’ adalah sesuatu yang tipikal.

Vivy Jelas Isu Sebenar

Sentap? Sabar dahulu! Itu hanyalah sedikit petikan daripada kenyataannya di akhbar tersebut. Menyedari ramai yang mengganggapnya sebagai majikan yang kejam, Vivy menjelaskan itu hanyalah pengalamannya.

Namun begitu, beliau tetap memahami setiap keadaan pekerja dan wanita yang mengandung kerana beliau sendiri turut mengalaminya.

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I wrote an article in NST and what was supposed to be a happy pregnancy announcement became sour. I received a lot of backlash and nasty words thrown. So many people are demanding that I give a statement because I’m in the public eye. So here goes. The whole issue is taken out of context. I wrote a whole article about my journey and one paragraph was highlighted separately instead where I wrote about me as an employer not understanding the pains of pregnancy. That’s exactly what the article was about if you cared to read on. I said that karma hit me because my third pregnancy now is rather difficult and it made me sympathise with women a lot more. Having said that too, the comments are making me out to be a monstrous employer. I feel that’s an unfair statement because any woman or man working at FV will know that I love them and I sympathise in any situation they go through. We allow flexible hours for moms, we give moms a day off every month to bond with their child, and we give a lot of leeway if you are having any kind of pain, pregnancy or not. As an employer, I will continue to strive to give my employees the best treatment. I also mentioned that all pregnancies are different and some have to even be hospitalised. I mentioned that we should listen to our bodies and our doctors, but this somehow wasn’t picked up by the nasty commenters. There were also comments on me being privileged which I thought had nothing to do with the article. This was just purely personal. If anything, the fact that I’m privileged and wanting to be a strong woman who is trying to get up and go to work, isn’t that a good thing? At the end of the day, I believe in the power of women. I uphold my belief that women are stronger than they think and I am trying hard to combat my pregnancy woes because a lot of people depend on me. My article was intended to motivate each other and if read in entirety, I think it could be achieved. But if I failed to deliver that message, I do apologise. Hope this clarifies, guys! Sending love to all, no negativity ❤️ #thisisVivynotPivy


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Tambah Vivy khabar gembira mengenai kehamilannya telah bertukar menjadi sebaliknya kerana mereka terus menunding jari ke arahnya tanpa memberinya peluang untuk menjelaskan perkara yang sebenar. Bersabarlah Vivy, kami tahu anda tidak sekejam itu!


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