Insiden tembakan rambang di Christchurch, New Zealand baru-baru ini ternyata mengejutkan dunia. Bukan sahaja kerana berlaku di negara Kiwi yang sememangnya terkenal dengan keamanannya, malah peristiwa hitam itu turut mengorbankan seramai 50 orang yang berada di dalam Masjid Al Noor dan Masjid Linwood selain mencederakan puluhan yang lain.

Sedang Menunaikan Solat Di Masjid Ketika Insiden Berlaku 

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“Kotahi te kohao o te ngira e kuhuna ai te miro ma, te miro pango me te miro whero. There is but one single eye of the needle through which the white, black and red threads must pass.” I would read this Maori proverb everyday while I was at school and I hope this and Christchurch will teach us the importance of unity. Yes, racism is real and it is evident in all societies but it has to start with us if we want to change the status quo. It begins with our families and our schools and what we teach our children. These first critical years determine the values and morals that they will most likely uphold for the rest of their lives. And so it is important to teach them good character, to understand and respect one another, to always renew their intentions and to wish for others to what they would wish for themselves. As we grow older we still need to check ourselves and others but we need to respond in a dignified manner. When we see or hear racism or any wrong doing, it should be the right of those hurt that we go and help them. Call out racism or wrong doing- even if it is from family or friends and don’t let people get away with it because if you do, you are just as bad as them. As humans it is our duty to protect and support one another and to also continue learning. Today when I was at the mosque, I met a non-Muslim mother and she told me that she came there to teach her children to respect differences. And in that moment we both cried and embraced one another. Because we both understood the meaning of understanding. Understanding is a powerful thing. It can mend hearts, it can bring peace and it can change the world. We are never too young or too old to understand- so learn and grow as much as you can and start those meaningful and important conversations with others. Change is only difficult because it’s so different to what we are used to. But it is the differences that makes ourselves, our community and love unique. Differences should unite us, not divide us and it is through understanding that it can thread us together. Also, please read about the victims and who they were on @khaledbeydoun Instagram page. Artist of first drawing: Adrien Tavite

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Peristiwa itu turut memberi kesan pada salah seorang finalis Ratu Cantik, Miss Universe New Zealand yang juga anak kelahiran Malaysia iaitu Nurul Shamsul yang berada di Hamilton North Island (kira-kira 677 km dari Christchurch). Menurul Nurul atau nama sebenarnya Nurul Zuriantie Shamsul, secara peribadi dia berasa begitu terkesan dengan insiden menyayatkan hati itu apatah lagi ketika kejadian tersebut sedang berlaku, dia sedang menunaikan solat Zuhur di sebuah masjid berhampiran dengan rumahnya.

”Pada waktu kejadian, saya sedang berkeseorangan menunaikan solat Zuhur di sebuah masjid berdekatan dengan rumah. Hanya selepas 10 minit ia berlaku, saya mendapat tahu mengenai berita itu.

”Terus tegak bulu roma kerana tak menyangka ia akan berlaku di dalam kawasan masjid. Bimbang juga jika mereka boleh berada di masjid di sini (North Island).

Kutuk Insiden Kejam 

Kongsi nya lagi di laman Instagram, kejadian tersebut juga tidak mencerminkan New Zealand sebagai sebuah negara yang selamat dan tenang sama seperti yang dia kenali 16 tahun lalu. Ini kerana dia percaya, insiden tersebut merupakan satu tindakan kejam yang dikutuk seluruh dunia dan ianya sama sekali tidak akan meruntuhkan moral masyarakat New Zealand yang cintakan keharmonian budaya dan agama.

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Christchurch holds a very special place in my heart. Two years ago when I was at my darkest, Christchurch gave me hope and the courage to heal, grow and learn. Christchurch made me stronger in faith and much more comfortable with wearing my hijab. But yesterday, I felt what it feels like to have that fear as a hijabi- to be more cautious as it in the back of your mind and to have that sickening feeling in your stomach. Today each time I pass by the mosque, I couldn’t help but cry. Holy places should be safe places and anyone and everyone has their right to practice their faith. However, it warms my heart to see so many flowers laid and thoughts written at the mosque by people of different ethnicities, culture and faith. It reminded me that humanity can still be beautiful. Tonight I was also overwhelmed by the number of people that came together in solidarity for the vigil in Hamilton. It felt like how I felt when I was in Christchurch. Although we all came from different backgrounds and 15/3/2019 is New Zealand’s darkest day, Christchurch gave us the opportunity to grow together and understand one another. The unity of love, hope and compassion was healing. Now my fear has been turned into trust. And I trust that God will guide us and protect us. Also, everyone has a story so it’s important to know about the victims rather than just making them a statistic. Please read them here on @khaledbeydoun Instagram page.

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Dalam kenyataaanya itu juga, dia mengajak peminatnya untuk mendoakan mereka yang terkorban ditempatkan di ‘syurga tertinggi’ selain mengharapkan umat islam di sana menjaga diri masing-masing dan dikuatkan iman. Al-Fatihah buat kesemua 50 mangsa yang terkorban.


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